Monday is a very special day of the week. You just had a fantastic weekend, however SELF-CONTROL was not applied and the thought of having to face society seems daunting after that “can’t-be-bothered-to-cook-so-i’ll-order-a-pizza” Sunday night, OR you’re just still exhausted from all the dancing!

The Monday Two Piece was designed to make you feel refreshed and ready for the week ahead.



It’s Tuesday - you’re almost back into the rythm - yes!

You don’t have too much time to think about what to wear today, because you’re still catching up, you had to wake up super early and dash out of the house, so why not just throw on a nice & easy jumpsuit?

Slim & fitting, elegant & sophisticated and most of all super comfortable.



You’re half-way through your work week. By this point you want people to notice how good you feel. This calls for a royal outfit!

The bodysuit is made of two different fabrics. The top half is a drapey crepe fabric and the bottom half an elastic netted lycra with the same colour. You will never again have the problem of not being able to tuck your shirt into your high-waisted skirt, we’ve already tucked it in for you ;)



It seems sassiness has woken up with you! But you’re going to work… so we need a touch of elegance and sophistication! Introducing the Thursday Two-Piece!

The trousers fit very comfortably, the material falls lightly and the top wraps around your waist for a little embellishment around your slightly bare midriff.

Although we have an evening alternative, you will WOW everyone with this number at any point of the day!



The last day of the week, you definitely want to celebrate this day in effortless style and class.

The seam that guides the dress into the pockets is designed to elongate and slim your waist. The collar adds an executive touch and the gorgeous golden zip in the back makes you look like a million bucks.




The weekend in our view should be focused on pampering yourself and having lots and lots of fun! However, you’re always going to have millions of errands to run - c’est la vie!

This dress is also designed for a quick and easy look, which you can transform during the day: A quick dash to the supermarket – funky sneakers, brunch with friends - booties or elegant flats – a gallery opening in the evening, some sexy wedges or heels & a blazer. Either way, this dress will make sure you are on point!


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