The Ellen Mcarthur Foundation states; increasing the number of times a garment is worn is the most effective way to capture its value. It’s for this reason we strive to offer a bespoke, tailor-made and custom-made, service at Cleonice.

We are on a mission to:


Design for Zero-Waste

Zero-Waste starts with design that focuses on the entire life cycle of our garments and on the production process.

    • All our pieces are made-to-order.  This ensures we do not have surplus stock from our collections, which we cannot guarantee will be sold.
    • The samples we produce for our collection debuts are made to the size of our founder, so after our PR agency has promoted them, they will always be worn and cherished.
    • We save all remaining material, off-cuts and trimmings and use the larger pieces to make our signature re-usable gift bags and are building a partner network where the smaller off-cuts can be ‘Upcycled’.


Exclusively use high quality sustainable materials

Both our Faithful and Resort Collections are made of high quality sustainable materials:

    • Cupro – a regenerated cellulose fiber derived from cotton linter (the ultrafine, silky fibers that stick to the seeds of the cotton plant after it’s been ginned). It’s breathable, regulates body temperature like cotton and can be machine-washed and dried. It is also hypoallergenic, anti static fabric that is resistant to expanding.  Cupro is noted for its ability to create beautifully draped clothing.
    • Deadstock –  fabric left-over from a previous collection of local Portuguese fashion-labels.


Design and produce timeless, tailor-made and customisable designs

At Cleonice, we believe every woman is unique and our aim is to celebrate this individuality.

    • Our pieces are designed to be timeless & feminine (classic cuts, colours & textures).
    • We want our customers to appropriate the clothing into their own style.
    • All pieces from all collections are produced on demand.  We do not produce stock.
    • Customers can always select and customise pieces, creating new outfits, easily mixing pieces from new with previous collections.
    • Our collections focus primarily on wardrobe essentials (daily- and workwear) designed to be tailor-made and customised.
    • We want our customers to forget the concept of size and feel perfectly comfortable and sophisticated in the pieces they purchase.  


Employ high quality local production

At Cleonice quality control is a consequence of commitment and of teamwork

    • All our items are produced in our atelier in Belém, Lisbon, by local seamstresses.
    • We decided to invest in producing all our items in-house where we can ensure optimal working conditions for our employees and free lance team in order to retain full and high quality control over our production.

As the brand grows we are able to include more and more sustainable measures towards our goals.

Our next collections will include many more sustainably produced & regenerated fabrics, such as Tencel.

We are tirelessly seeking to become a circular textile economy enterprise and to contribute to making sustainable practices become more accessible for small enterprises like ours.